About the Artist:

Thank you for wanting to know more about me!  My name is Cameron, and I live in Olathe, KS with my husband, 5kids and our tiny Morkie pup. I most enjoy time with my family, traveling west, DIY projects and gardening. I love spending weekends outside playing with my kids and finding new spots to stick flowers and plants around my house! I'm not much for cooking, but I love to eat. I'm an organizer and neat-o - maybe too much sometimes - but all of my kids and husband go along with it to keep mama happy, and they are all pretty good about making their beds. :)

About Laughing Arrow:

I wasn't always aware of the value of heirloom portraits or fine art. Actually, my first three kiddos hardly have but a few snapshots of their birth, and the first years thereafter. We ARE busy, mamas! Time and life do get in the way! It wasn't until I had my 3rd that I started realizing how fast they really grow up and these moments needed to be preserved. My husband bought me my first "real" camera and I had a vision that I wanted to remember just the little details, without distraction of modern day props and poses. That has grown into what Laughing Arrow is today: a brand solely focused on preserving little details & emotions in a way that my art will always be timeless and never go out of style. I believe simple art - without loud costumes, poses and backgrounds -  is the most beautiful and truest.

Thank you for trusting me with your memories. And a special thank you to all of my clients who have believed in me from the very beginning.  


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