Robbie + Ashley - Marshfield, MO Family Photography

It was exciting to take a family session with the same number of people as I have in my own family. I love to see and be a part of the dynamics of other large families like my own - to watch them interact, play, and ultimately, love each other. The Tacketts were no disappointment when it came to the latter. They have a bond so tight, you can almost feel it radiating when you are around them. When I would ask the girls to do something, they were immediately looking at each other - smiling and giggling - almost like it was secondary language within each other. And boy, do I just love their boys. There's a big brother here, and he takes that job very seriously. I think little man is one lucky guy to have a big brother like that. They were all so well behaved, you would never have guessed with a family of this size all these took less than an hour. All these great shots + so many more in this mini. 

And a thought on mini sessions: people always wonder if they can really get great photos in a short 20-30 minute family session like this and my answer is always absolutely...YES! We take a few minutes to make sure we get the updated family portrait and then the rest of the time is left for relaxed casual shots and play. We always leave time to play! If you don't have a lot of time to commit to a full session but really want fresh, new photos of your family, a mini session is a great option!   cc