Sannetta + James - Springfield, MO Baby Photographer

I was so excited to photograph my friend Sannetta and her son James.  This session was so important to me because {aside it being fun girl time} it gave me the chance to portray one of the things I’m most passionate about – finding inherent meaning in real moments. My job as a photographer is to discover emotion and let it shine, rather than to manufacture it. These portraits are beautiful truths, not fabricated happiness or forged smiles. They are authentic raw emotion. They are real. Motherhood is beautiful.

Sannetta let me document something near and dear to me: a breastfeeding relationship. {I'm saving those portraits for a later project.}

Thank you, Sannetta, for being my friend, for good late-night conversations about life, considering me family, and for giving me the courage to push my comfort boundaries {and for teaching me how to sew!}

Lastly, thank you for allowing me to photograph your love for your son. I am one lucky girl. cc