Sam + Breanne - Marshfield, MO Family Photography

I had no idea how much fun I was in for when I scheduled the Rost family shoot. They have to take the cake for the "Most Fun Family" award.  It was a gloomy day and the happy, bright, vibrant pictures I had envisioned snagging were looking pretty grim...but  just as the session started the skies parted to a beauuuutiful sunset for the remainder of the evening. We started at my usual dive to let my inner sun paparazzi snag some great mantle pics. We ended up unleashing the kids at the park, and I was able to capture some "Anti-Portraits". And since photography is an art, I was completely inspired by this. No adjusting clothes or hair, no proper poses, no worries about camera composure. Just a little light to filter in and a WHOLE lot of fun.

Which brings me to my next memo: I can get pretty out there when I'm playing and carrying on in my photo shoots. Since I'm a mom, I could see how it could drive a parent crazy to watch their child go extremely nuts (or melt!) in front of the camera and photographer. But parents, let me let you in on a secret: It's fun for me, too. And I'm trying to get your kid to be a kid. As crazy as it gets, I love it. I love kids exploding with too much energy and vibrance. It's where I get my BEST shots. So look for more of these candid Anit-Portraits in the future.

 Rost family, thank you for letting me into your world for a bit. cc