Karlee - Marshfield, MO Family Photography

This little girl makes my heart sing! Her daddy bought her this dress and she picked it out to wear all on her own. When we arrived at the field, it was like she did this every day.  She is beautiful, but more than that, she is a smart girl. Karlee is the type of girl you can sit and have a conversation with about big things. 

Karlee brought along a friend and I was excited to capture moments with the two of them having fun and being friends. I'm so happy her Mommy chose me to capture her while she is still little. To remember and cherish this moment forever, even if it is just in a photograph. One day Karlee is going to be all grown up.

But for now, we will twirl in our dresses, chase butterflies, and pick wildflowers. Because that is what smart, beautiful little girls do. cc