Claire - One Year Sweeter - Marshfield, MO Birthday Photography

Happy Birthday, Claire!

You will be seeing this sweet little girl throughout my images, online articles, marketing and press. That is for a good reason, she is such a doll and her mama is one of my biggest supporters. If I can guarantee anyone will be in my corner, rooting for me, it's Claire's mama. 

This session started in the field location like every session does. THEN, out of the blue (or should I say the ground around us) came HORNETS and lots of them. Swarming, buzzing and diving at us. All I could think was get. in. the. car. FAST!!! After a few attempts of getting out - and back in- we decided on Plan "B".

Plan "B" was perfect. We jumped out of her car and made magic happen. Something else magical: Claire's dress, soft and creamy with little red embroidered flowers, matched the wild bush she walked up to. It looked like she was meant to be right there in that very moment.

I couldn't believe how perfect this session was. I have become so comfortable with my field location I've used so many times. I strive for consistency each and every time, so clients always know what to expect. But those hornets must have been God's way of telling me it's O.K. to step out and go a different direction. Choose a different path. Be spontaneous. Take chances. Above all, evolve

I'm so grateful that I had my biggest cheerleader with me that night. Claire's mama rolled with the punches right along with me - all with a smile on her face! :) That new location is now my favorite I've ever used.  The lighting, the angles, the backdrop.... it's perfect.

But I'll let you be the judge. cc


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