BIG news for my mamas!! Springfield MO Newborn Photography

I have BIG news!!

After much anticipation, I am so thrilled to announce a promotional partnership with Imaging Miracles in Springfield, MO!!

Many of you know of this wonderful company and what they have done for our mamas - and the community. Those of you who may not have heard or seen their business, let me introduce you to the greatest-thing-since-havin-babies....3D & 4D ULTRASOUNDS!!

They are beautiful, and here's why. With 3D ultrasounds, you actually see the baby's skin, instead of the 2D traditional ultrasound that only shows baby's organs. A 3D sends sound waves at multiple angles, thus creating a true image of the baby. A 4D ultrasound is the same as 3D only it's video - the 4th dimension. 

My time with the owner, Tammy, and her daughter Emily has been extraordinary. They are true heros at heart. Imaging Miracles is the only local ultrasound clinic who provides ultrasounds at no charge to educate women who are contemplating abortion, for women whose babies are given a fatal diagnosis or mamas with terminal illnesses. How special it is for a mother to "see" her unborn baby before being ushered off to the NICU for treatment. 

I have personally used Imagining Miracles while pregnant with my daughter, and I was blown away with not only the service, but the mission behind the business. Laughing Arrow Photography is built around providing a beautiful luxury experience to my clients and Imaging Miracles takes that to a whole new level. There are big things in the works between us, and I think we make a pretty powerful team.

I am so honored to partner with these ladies and provide expecting mamas not only beautiful maternity and newborn portraits but also refer them to see the gift of life inside. cc