Rose - Marshfield, MO Newborn Photography

It's no secret that I am as planned and organized as they get. I love order and I love neatness. Right smack in the middle of this session I realized I was acting like a chicken with my head cut off.  :) From the time Mama called me, I had a gorgeous lineup of bows, baskets, hats and wraps all rounded up in my studio, in an intentional workflow order, awaiting Rose. Beautiful Rose arrives - and it is like a newborn photo bomb went off. I see her, and right off the bat, my *perfect* workflow isn't so perfect anymore. (Rose? I have headwrap roses! Pink? I think she does brown better...) I was swapping and exchanging by the minute. By the end of the session, there were headwraps, baskets, blankets, an older brother, sister and Mom and Dad in there, too, all strewn about my teeny-tiny (74 degrees on a good day) studio. 

This was a learning experience for me. And I am grateful for that. I'm so appreciative that Mom and Dad hung in there with me and my pitiful mess, too. Luckily for me, they were patient, kind, and overall amazing people. As I finished up the session I knew I had got *the* ones - the portraits of Rose, her big brother with a giant heart, adorable big sister and Mama and Dad in gorgeous artwork pieces that will be treasured forever - just the way that I had planned. cc