Arthur Family - Marshfield, MO Family Photography

I am trying *really* hard to keep up the blogs in a timely manner (i.e.... maybe within a week or so of the session!) and in a perfect world I would shoot and run home to write a blog. But it's summer, my kids are at home (8 more days till school!!!! Yes I am counting down, too.) and nothing about summer is perfect. Especially time management. :) Better late than never.

Speaking of summer, when this session happened, summer was in FULL SWING. It was HOT. We were all sweating, and to make things even more fun, I kept asking Mom and Dad to hold their kids, get close to their kids, snuggle with their kids, and, well, to sweat with their kids. They were AWESOME about it. These were taken at their beautiful serene land at sunset, right at the edge of their woods. The sun dipped just through the trees and made for the perfect backdrop.

I am crushing on this family. I knew I hit the client jackpot when Mom booked their session. Mom is gorgeous, Dad is so gentle and kind, and their kids... they have got to be the most well-mannered, well-behaved kids I have ever met.

Their love is radiating and I've got the pics to prove it. cc