DELICATE | natural | organic | timeless | neutral | soft | simple

I am, by all definition, a "simple" person. I live in a way that would drive a hoarder batty. My eyes see things in clean lines; and I am drawn to a simple palette of colors - neutrals, earthy tones, and creams - all derived from that farmer's market that you imagined. Don't get me wrong, I love that giant pink bow on my baby when we are running our errands just as much as you do. But I love it TODAY. Not tomorrow, or 15 years from now. I'm also teaching my 4 kids to love minimalism and how to reduce clutter (mind-clogging and time-draining waste) to only keep what they need and nothing more. My children each have 30 hangers (to accommodate 4 seasons) of clothes in their closets - all outfits that they can wear NOW. Not a size smaller or larger. This has been a blessing for our mornings, minds and budget. Our house is completely paperless. We invested in a scanner and a large cloud storage account, and you won't find one receipt, bill, or latest report card laying around our home. You will, however, find a happy wife, a loving husband, awesome kids an abundance of fresh vegetables growing in our gardens, and a bare - but mopped - garage floor. Our fire pit (aka: the non-recyclable burn pile) has heard countless campfire stories about life and has roasted a couple hundred marshmallows. Now I'm not saying that we are the perfect family who never makes any messes, stays up past our bedtime, runs late, or has meltdowns right in the middle of a store, but I'd like to think we live intentionally and everyone in our house knows where their bed is and how to make it. I function best in this manner, and I am blessed I have a husband who shares this vision of living with me. So with all this said, that brings me back to photography. My passion... my living.

My work is simple. If you take my Studio Tour, you will notice I do not have frilly chairs. Or nostalgic strollers. Or Easter bunnies. Or the latest ladybug outfit. Or an iconic Radio Flyer. There will always be people who love the wild outfits and crazy, unnatural poses. Those same people think that extra-large, oversized, way-too-bulky mermaid tail is "SOOOO CUTE" in newborn photography. But I am not one of them. And, I'm sure there are people out there like myself, or close. So in creating my brand, I stuck with what resides best within me at my core. There will be people who do not like and will criticize my work. "It's too plain" or "Her camera must not see color." And that is okay with me. There are many talented photographers in this town to go around for everybody. And I will gladly send them any clients I can foresee not liking my vision of fine art portraits. I hope they would do the same for me. cc