Portraits - Laughing Arrow Photography Marshfield MO

There is something about delicate baby and newborn studio photography that makes my heart flutter as an artist. I get asked why I chose to eliminate poses and props, and ultimately- color. I have to be honest when I say that while I was photographing those kinds of images, they weren't really "me" and the work I was creating didn't reside with me. I really narrowed my work down to what I love, and what speaks to me. I feel as though as long as I'm getting repeat clients, referrals and happy new clients who love my previous work - I'm on the right track. 

And mamas, you need portraits of your babies with you in them. We take 100s of pictures with our phones of our little chunks - but the ones that will be cherished for generations to come are the ones with mama giggling, playing, laughing.... and loving. There's no room for insecurities when you're talking about 100 years from now. Be in them.