Mini Sessions - Laughing Arrow Photography, Marshfield, MO

"the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price has vanished." - benjamin franklin

While I love documenting short + sweet age milestones and holidays, I found the following article helpful in appeasing my need to have 100 marathon mini sessions before the end of the year. It's more for other photographers but a great article nonetheless.

It's not to say I have never offered a mini session, or never will. If or when, it will be equivalent with my quality and pricing - in a "mini" version. I want my clients and future clients to know what to expect.

Keep in mind this fall season the difference in photographers who work their business in such a way to provide high quality, meaningful, and original pieces of heirloom art to their clients vs. photographers who host erratic, last minute, "limited availability" mini-sessions with strewn together props, and carelessly edited {if at all} images for some fast cash. 

And so, I will share: